No two projects are alike, and while the processes involved and technologies employed can vary greatly, EES focus on the the energy itself; analysing how it is generated, controlled, distributed and consumed. This procedure is applied to industrial, food processing, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, commercial and residential clients. The starting point and end product may be different, but the fundamentals never change.



1.25 MWe CHP and 900 kW Absorption Chiller

A trigeneration system was designed for a confectionery food processing factory, following an initial site survey and due diligence report. EES sized and designed the system, assisted in the contract award process, supervised the project through to commissioning and developed an M&V model to quantify the system savings.

The CapEx raised to install system was €1,520,000, with annual savings of €720,000, for a project payback of 2.1 years



2.8  MW Geothermal Heating Plant for Athlone City Centre

James Nolan was the design engineer for the Athlone Town Centre geothermal energy system, a closed loop system providing cooling to the surrounding shopping centre and hotel. The system delivered a peak cooling load of 1,870kW for the shopping centre and 900 kW for the hotel, using 13 wells drilled 70 meters into the underground gravel beds.

Strict environmental standards limited discharge temperatures into the gravel, and so a BMS was employed to monitor and control the system.



Trinity Hall Student Accommodation

James Nolan carried out the mechanical and electrical design and supervision of Trinity Hall Dormitories Dartry, a 25,000 m2 development comprising 832 bedrooms over 180 apartments, with common living and dining areas and shared kitchens.

A modular design approach was employed, with each apartment furnished with a decentralised heating and hot water system and local controls. This design allowed for high efficiencies and flexibility in the operation of the system, which was essential due to the seasonal usage and irregular occupancy patterns associated with student accommodation. The system was also future proofed to allow for the eventual implementation of renewables and sustainable technologies.



Large Scale Seawater Pumped Hydro Electric Storage (SPHES) rated at 1,280MW

EES act as consultants to Organic Power Ltd, a renewable energy company who are in development of a SPHES scheme in Mayo, Ireland. The pumped energy storage will allow excess energy from local wind farms to be stored for later dispatch.

EES were part of the design team that took the large SPHES project of 6 GWh on Glinsk mountain from initial site identification to final planning, also carried out energy and storage calculations and final turbine specification.



The conversion of end of life plastic to useful oil for export sale

These projects will convert approx. 6,000t/yr per module of mixed plastic into pyrolysis oil for combustion. The yields are approx. 75% for plastic the remainder going to syngas and carbon black for reuse in front end or reprocessing. The plant in Romania is now producing approx. 10t/day of mixed gasoline and diesel that will be further refined into constituents. 

The second generation pyrolyser in Romania was commissioned in March 2015 with central energy generation for 3 drums and automatic control. Additional cooling has been added to speed up loading of feedstock and we anticipate being able to achieve 40t/d of throughput.



Efficiency Projects & Surveys

EES act as consultants to Frontline Energy, a leading district energy operator in Ireland. EES are responsible for undertaking annual efficiency reports and highlighting viable efficiency projects. EES are also engaged during early site developments to advise on efficient design, plant selection and design and operation strategies to reduce CapEx and OpEx.