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Energy Engineered Solutions is an engineering consultancy which specialises in energy. The company operates with a holistic and energy efficiency orientated approach to new design and existing infrastructural improvements. EES look beyond processes and analyse the root need which drives energy consumption, focusing on how energy has been imported to site, generated, controlled, distributed and used by the end user / process. 

Our efficiency orientated approach ensures EES delivers the most economic and environmental solutions to our client. 

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EES provide a wide range of mechanical and energy engineering consultancy services, including:

  • Energy audits and feasibility studies.

  • Bespoke technology assessment.

  • Project specification and design.

  • Energy balances for energy and processing systems.

  • Conventional, renewable and sustainable energy design, from HVAC to pyrolysis.

  • Monitoring and energy management.

  • Measurement and verification.

  • Assistance with grant aid, incentives and legislative compliance.

  • Utility tariffs analysis and rate procurement.

  • Value add engineering.

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Based in Dublin, Ireland and with a satellite office in Malaga, Spain, Energy Engineered Solutions specialise in energy consultancy, energy system design and value add engineering. Our expertise are applied wherever energy is, or will be generated, distributed, controlled and used. 

Our clients range from large multinational food processing groups and large petroleum utilities to district heating operators. 

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                                PAST PROJECTS

EES have had the opportunity to work on projects that incorporate emerging and established technologies across a wide array of industries, including:

  • 1.25 MW trigeneration system in Italian confectionary plant.

  • Engineering consultant for 2.8 MW geothermal heating scheme for Athlone town centre.

  • Mechanical design of Trinity Hall, student residence for Trinity College Dublin.

  • 1,200 MW pumped hydro energy storage for wind energy storage in Co. Mayo.

  • Design consultants for a mixed plastics pyrolysis plant, capable of 40t/day throughput.

  • Design and energy efficiency consulting on numerous district heating schemes.

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Baggot Hall, 41 Baggot Street Lower, Dublin 2, Ireland

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